Evidence of 10 years of effectiveness

The Olinga foundation also takes into account cost effectiveness in each and every program which is been implemented within the yearly programs. Over the years the cost effectiveness of the program has been seen as a result of the high level of volunteerism by teachers and retired teachers in helping to monitor and support the program at the district and national levels.

The EHL program is integrated in the ongoing work of the district education offices and the Olinga Foundation staff maintains a small team to support and ensure the teacher training and quality roll out at the district levels.

In order for the program to be more technologically innovative and interactive between the Olinga staff and the teachers who are trained, the foundation is also making effort to implement a new method of motivating the teachers out in the field.

The Olinga Foundation is in consultation with one of Ghana's leading mobile phone networks (MTN) in the usage of mobile phone technology to assist teachers communicate on pressing instruction issues and receive guidance with the District Education office and Olinga staff during the roll out of their program.

We also make it a point to send inspirational text messages to the teachers on a weekly basis. These text messages sometimes ask questions based on class room situations and how the teachers will deal with it; whilst other times we either send reminders of upcoming events or extract quotes from either religious writings or famous individuals.

These quotations are always linked to a general theme which is set for each month and they are sent to all teachers who are linked with the foundation. We are also exploring the usage of the e readers particularly at the primary school levels to support our program in future.

Access to these two technologies would assist children increase their exposure to more African based books and also ensure that teachers are in a position to communicate and receive encouragement throughout the nine month program cycle .